Many of the issues that are cornerstones of our Ecosocialist Green New Deal are issues that impact youth directly, such as Universal Healthcare, Free Lifetime Education, and Ending the War on Drugs that disproportionately impacts youth of color. Youth are an intersectionally opppressed group and bear the burden of repairing the damage done by the generations before them. As such, youth issues are of particular importance for our campaign.

Please take our short Youth Issues survey to help us guide our youth policy. With this first survey we ask that you simply share your top 3 issues of concern.

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Did you know that the Green Party has a Youth Caucus? One of the 5 “identity caucuses,” the Young Ecosocialists are the youth wing of the Green Party US.

As a party that advocates for social justice issues, the Green Party offers youth an avenue to be represented and participate in electoral politics, in movement spaces, and in grassroots organizing work.

As part of their core identity, the Young Ecosocialists underline their position and interpretation of the Green Party’s Platform as anti-capitalist, intersectional/anti-oppression, anti-colonialist, and politically independent from the corporate parties and from other forms of corporate influence.

Membership is open to all Greens under the age of 35.

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