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Tired of being told every election to vote for the “lesser evil”? The corporate 2-party system has blocked real progress for too long. Working people need our own party.

Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker are running to build a people’s party from the ground up – one that stands for peace, justice, democracy, and ecology. They’re running on the solutions we need now, like Medicare for All, an Economic Bill of Rights, ending the wars, and a Green New Deal.

We’re working to get Howie, Angela, and the Green Party on the ballot in every state. To do that, we need to qualify for federal public matching funds. When we do, it will almost double the money we’ve raised so far.

Virginia is one of the last 7 states we need to reach the $5,000 threshold to qualify for matching funds. Every donation up to $250 helps us to reach our goal.

Donate now to help Howie and Angela qualify for matching funds, get on the ballot in every state, and build a party for the greater good!

  • $2,700 RAISED, $2,300 NEEDED IN VIRGINIA 54% 54%

Howie Hawkins 2020

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