Howie has been involved in organizing for RCV since the election and has been working a lot with the organization Rank the Vote.

Here is a list of April’s statewide RCV meetings, hosted by Rank the Vote affiliates.

Date Time State Link
4/6/21 9:00 PM EDT Idaho Click Here
4/7/21 8:00 PM EDT Illinois Click Here 
4/8/21 7:30 PM EDT New Hampshire Click Here 
4/11/21 6:30 PM EDT New Jersey Click Here 
4/12/21 7:00 PM EDT Florida Click Here 
4/15/21 7:00 PM EDT Georgia Click Here 
4/18/21 3:30 PM EDT North Carolina Click Here 
4/18/21 7:00 PM EDT New York Click Here 
4/19/21 8:00 PM EDT Indiana Click Here 
4/21/21 9:30 PM EDT Arizona Click Here 
4/22/21 8:00 PM EDT Montana Click Here 
4/22/21 9:00 PM EDT Iowa Click Here 
4/25/21 7:00 PM EDT Delaware  
4/26/21 8:00 PM EDT South Carolina Click Here 
4/29/21 8:00 PM EDT Louisiana Click Here 

New States Organizing Starting in May

5/4/21 8:00 PM EDT Wisconsin Click Here 

Howie Hawkins 2020

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