To Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter Inc.:

On Wednesday April 15 Twitter suspended the presidential campaign account of Green Party 2020 Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins @HowieHawkins20 without warning, only a notification from Twitter after the fact that the account had been suspended for “impersonation”. An appeal from the campaign was rejected with no reason given, despite the facts that @HowieHawkins20 is a campaign account overseen by Howie Hawkins himself, and that many other politicians are allowed to have more than one account without interference from Twitter.

The decision by Twitter to suspend Howie Hawkins’ presidential campaign account with no justification beyond a nonsensical charge of “impersonation” is extremely troubling in a country that is supposed to stand for values of free speech and open debate.

We ask that Twitter Inc. immediately reinstate and verify Howie Hawkins’ presidential campaign account @HowieHawkins20 and cease all efforts to stifle the free speech of the Hawkins campaign, particularly for the remainder of the 2020 presidential election.

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Howie Hawkins 2020

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