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Twitter Under Fire Reactivates Hawkins Campaign Account

(Syracuse, NY, April 29, 2020) Howie Hawkins, the front-runner seeking the Green nomination for President, has been notified by Twitter that his campaign account has been reactivated, after it was suspended recently.

Following Twitter’s suspension of Howie Hawkins’ campaign account, Twitter has faced negative press coverage from multiple media outlets and popular podcasts, as well as a petition by Hawkins’ supporters to reinstate the account.

Twitter initially said that the account violated its rule on impersonation, without providing any process to appeal the decision.

Hawkins who has been winning the Green Party primaries said he will take the Twitter account restoration as a win as well

“Social media is our campaign’s biggest megaphone. The shutdown by Twitter hurt our campaign,” Hawkins said.

Twitter’s actions have taken place at a time where Hawkins’ support has surged due to the suspension of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Hawkins, a retired Teamster and co-founder of the national Green Party, has also been nominated by Socialist Party USA.

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