Facebook has begun a misinformation campaign against Green Party/Socialist Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins, linking him to the right wing QAnon conspiracy.


Starting on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, users searching for Howie Hawkins on Facebook were shown a content warning along with the search results.  This content warning which is titled, “This Search May Be Associated With Dangerous Content,” goes on to claim that Howie Hawkins is associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory. When you click the “Learn more from GNET” button, it takes you to a page that provides information regarding QAnon, but has nothing about the Hawkins/Walker campaign’s supposed connection.  There is no justification provided for the warning attached to Howie Hawkins search and no communication has been received from Facebook regarding the baseless accusation. 



Sign our petition calling on Facebook to take down the warning labels and for the Federal Communications Commission to investigate Facebook and hold them accountable for using their platform to spread misinformation about our campaign. 



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