August 13, 2020


Howie Hawkins,
Angela Walker,

Kevin Zeese, Press Secretary, 301-996-6582,

Response To Wisconsin Petition Challenge

(August 13, 2020 – Syracuse, NY & Florence, SC) An unfounded challenge has been made against the petition to place Howie Hawkins, the Green nominee for president, on the ballot in Wisconsin. Midway through petitioning, the Green nominee for vice-president Angela Walker had a change of residence in her adopted home state of South Carolina. The campaign, transparent and communicative with the Wisconsin Elections Commission, followed the commission’s directions in order to comply with state code.

“For anyone who doubts that the two-party system in this country is intentionally set up to keep third parties at bay, consider this: my simple and necessary change of residence was enough to get all of the hard work done in Wisconsin challenged,” said Angela Walker. “Our campaign has been completely transparent about my move, any additional information that was needed was available. What is happening with our signatures in Wisconsin is sadly typical of the duopoly’s resistance to offering choices to the people of this country.”

No stranger to Wisconsin politics, Walker made a name for herself several years prior when she resided in Milwaukee, the city where she was born and raised. Walker got her local ATU Union involved in the Wisconsin Uprising and the Occupy movement and served as the local’s legislative director from 2011 to 2013. In 2014 she ran for Milwaukee Sheriff against David Clark as an independent socialist, receiving 20% of the vote.

Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins said “Party suppression is the Democratic Party’s form of voter suppression. Green candidates bring voters to polls who would otherwise stay home. The Democrats should be fighting the Republicans who are purging voter rolls, reducing polling places in minority communities, and destroying the postal service to sabotage mail-in voting. Instead, the corporate-funded Democrats hire high-priced lawyers to bleed the Green Party’s limited funds dry and knock us out of the election. Stupidly, the Democrats are trying to suppress Green voters who are likely to vote for down-ballot Democrats in races where the Greens do not have a candidate.” 

Voters are able to cast a ballot for Hawkins/Walker in 36 states including D.C., with petitioning still ongoing in 14 other states.



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