Awaiting full results in MA, strong showing in many cities and towns

(SYRACUSE, NY, March 5, 2020) With 100 percent of the vote in California tabulated, and 100 percent of the vote in North Carolina, Howie Hawkins, candidate for the Green Party nomination, has won the Green Super Tuesday primaries.

In a crowded field of five candidates, Hawkins achieved nearly twice as many votes as the closest competitor in California. The outcome will net Hawkins a sizeable amount of the 43 delegates allocated to California for the Green Party nomination, the largest delegate share in the Green national party.

Hawkins, who has made an ecosocialist Green New Deal a main focus of his campaign, also won with 60% of the vote in North Carolina, which will allocate all four delegates to Hawkins.

According to preliminary information, Hawkins had a strong showing in a few Massachusetts towns like Northampton and Gloucester. Full results are expected to be released by the MA Secretary of the Commonwealth at the beginning of next week.

“The last week has been a disturbing one as the Democrats mobilize to block the call for progressive change and the Trump administration continues its poor performance overall with the coronavirus. I look forward to winning the Green Party nomination to promote a positive vision for our future. a Green New Deal that acts quickly to immediately go to 100% renewable energy while also providing economic security and justice for everyone. The Greens remain the party of the 99%.”

There are 402 total possible delegates allocated for the Green Party nomination, and a win in the first round would require 202 delegates. The Green Party nomination is slated for July 9-12, 2020 in Detroit, MI.


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