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Hawkins Invites Sanders Supporters to join his Green Socialist Presidential Campaign

(SYRACUSE, NY, April 8, 2020) – Howie Hawkins is the presidential nominee of the Socialist Party USA and is leading in the Green Party primaries for that party’s nomination.

Hawkins released the following statement regarding Bernie Sanders suspension of his presidential campaign:

“Bernie Sanders earned the support of millions by advancing socialist solutions: Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Economic Bill of Rights, and more. I invite his supporters to join my campaign to continue to fight for socialist solutions through the November election and beyond.

The fight for a socialist revolution is more critical than ever as we face COVID-19, climate calamity, the new nuclear arms race, and the long-growing racial and economic inequality that has led to a decline in the life expectancy of the American working class. These are life-or-death issues that require real solutions, socialist solutions.

Bernie deserves praise for fighting for the 99% but it was not an agenda ever embraced by the leadership of the Democrats.

Voters are left with a miserable choice between the major party candidates: Donald Trump, the racist incompetent, and Joe Biden, the neoliberal hawk. To settle for Biden as the lesser evil is to join the opposition of the corporate establishment to Medicare for All, a full-strength Green New Deal, and an Economic Bill of Rights to end poverty and economic despair.

We are running out of time on the pandemic, climate, nuclear arms, and deadly poverty and economic despair. Real solutions can’t wait.

Let’s continue to fight of socialist solutions through the November election and beyond. Keep the revolution alive. We are fighting for our future.”


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