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(May 9, 2020, Syracuse, NY) – Howie Hawkins, front runner for the Green Party nomination for President, remarked on the news that Governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota has chosen not to seek the Green Party nod.

“We thank former Gov. Jesse Ventura for his support of the Green Party and wish him all the best. We are saddened by the circumstances of his decision not to pursue a presidential bid. No one in this country should have to choose between running for office and healthcare coverage,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins continued, “Unlike the Trump Republicans and Biden Democrats, we stand with the majority of American voters who want an improved Medicare for All system to ensure comprehensive healthcare coverage for everyone, no exceptions. Everybody in, nobody out, including the Governor Jesse Ventura.”

“I will still be voting Green all the way and I encourage anyone [who is] fed up with the two parties to do the same,” said Ventura.

The Hawkins/Walker campaign agrees with Ventura on the necessity of electing a Green Party president in 2020. Ventura has set an example, as a figure of independent politics, by joining the Minnesota Green Party. We encourage every independent voter who sees that the major parties have left us with a failed state in this coronavirus pandemic and economic depression to join the Green Party.

Hawkins restated his offer to Ventura for a conversation to discuss the Green Party, its challenges and opportunities and to find a way for Ventura to lend his considerable assets of name recognition to the fight for improved Medicare for all, a full-strength Green New Deal and an end to the new nuclear arms race, all signature planks for the Hawkins/Walker campaign platform.  As fellow military veterans, the Hawkins/Walker team seeks to join with Ventura and other Green Party members to continue the work toward peace.

The Hawkins/Walker campaign has won 16 of 17 Green primaries, has qualified for federal matching funds in 12 of 20 needed states and is working with state Green Parties for nationwide ballot access.


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