Vale Daily (Colorado) Questionnaire

Could you please give a brief introduction of your background and qualifications?

I am a retired Teamster who worked on construction sites and in warehouses. I have been an activist in movements for civil rights, peace, unions, and the environment since the 1960s. My background gives me the experience of what working people have been going through and a deep knowledge of progressive policy alternatives.

How many states have you on their ballot? If you’d like, please expand on any near-wins, near-losses or other notable experiences.

The Green Party presidential ticket is on the ballot in 30 states representing 73% of American voters. Counting official write-in states, 96% of Americans will be able to vote for the Green ticket. As a Green candidate for local office in Syracuse, New York, I have received as much as 48% for a district council seat and 35% citywide for city auditor. I received 5% of the vote for New York governor in 2014, which meant Governor Cuomo could not take our voters for granted. Cuomo then supported policies I had campaigned for but he had not supported before. New York then enacted them, including a ban of fracking, a $15 minimum wage, and paid family leave.

What are the main objectives of your platform?

For climate safety and economic recovery, a full-strength Green New Deal to put millions of people to work caring for the people and the planet with the goal of zero carbon emissions and 100% clean energy by 2030.

To reverse the growing economic inequality and declining life expectancies of working-class people, an Economic Bill of Rights to end poverty, including a job guarantee, a guaranteed income above poverty, affordable housing for all, and Medicare for All.

To reverse the new nuclear arms race, Peace Initiatives, including deep cuts in military spending, ending the endless wars, and pledging no first use of nuclear weapons in order to reduce international tensions and restart negotiations toward complete and mutual nuclear disarmament.

What do you offer that is unique from the two main party candidates?

We support a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, a Job Guarantee, a ban on fracking, tuition-free public college, cutting the bloated military budget, ending the endless wars, and stopping the deployment of new US nuclear weapons. Trump and Biden do not support any of these policies.

First 90 days in office, what would you do?

Use the Defense Production Act to rapidly scale up a Covid-19 response to test, contact trace, and quarantine those infected or exposed in order to suppress community spread of the disease and enable us to go back to work and school safely.

Declare a Climate Emergency and establish a Climate Mobilization Board on the model of the War Mobilization Board during World War II in order to rapidly scale up a Green New Deal for climate and economic recovery.

Pardon whistleblowers, publishers, political prisoners, and nonviolent drug offenders, including Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Leonard Peltier, and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

End the criminal abuse of migrants and asylum seekers by freeing them from detention, reuniting families, and providing them with documents and social services as they go through a resumed, speedy, and fully-funded legal immigration process.

Howie Hawkins 2020

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