Vale Daily (Colorado) Questionnaire

Could you please give a brief introduction of your background and qualifications?

I am a retired Teamster who worked on construction sites and in warehouses. I have been an activist in movements for civil rights, peace, unions, and the environment since the 1960s. My background gives me the experience of what working people have been going through and a deep knowledge of progressive policy alternatives.

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Boston Democratic Socialists of America

What is your personal story? Why are you seeking this office?

We are two workers for the White House because we need a better class of people in there.

Howie Hawkins is a retired Teamster in Syracuse, New York. He has been an organizer in movements for civil rights, peace, unions, and the environment since the 1960s. He was the first US candidate to campaign for a Green New Deal in 2010. New York has enacted reforms that he alone among the candidates championed in his three runs for Governor of New York in 2010, 2014, and 2018, including a ban on fracking, a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, and a millionaires tax.

Angela Walker is a truck driver in Florence, South Carolina. She is a veteran labor and racial justice activist. As legislative director of Amalgamated Transit Workers Local 998, she led her local’s participation in the Wisconsin Uprising and the Occupy movement in 2011. She received 20% of the vote running as an independent socialist for Sheriff of Milwaukee County in 2014 on a program of fighting poverty to fight crime. She was the Socialist Party USA candidate for Vice President in 2016.

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Boulder Democratic Socialists of America

How do you identify your political tendency (e.g. progressive, anarchist, libertarian socialist, etc.)? 

I am identifying as an ecosocialist in this campaign. I have always identified as a democratic socialist who is opposed to one-party states calling themselves socialist or communist.

Since 1967, I have been strongly influenced by two particular socialist schools of thought, the libertarian socialism of Murray Bookchin and the revolutionary democratic socialism of Hal Draper. Bookchin’s eco-anarchist essays convinced me that the vision of a decentralist-federalist form of democratic socialism and ecological balance was possible. Draper’s “Two Souls of Socialism” and other literature from his Independent Socialist Clubs convinced me of the need for an independent mass-party of the left to advance a democratic socialism.

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Columbus Democratic Socialists of America

Climate scientists agree that carbon neutrality must be achieved by 2030 in order to maintain the long-term habitability of the planet. What is your plan for achieving this goal in your city, and how will you fund it?

The ecosocialist Green New Deal budget on my website at details how we will use public enterprise and planning, particularly in the energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors, to transform all productive systems to zero-to-negative greenhouse gas emissions and 100% clean energy by 2030.

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DC Restore the Vote Committee

What is your message to the voters housed within the DC Department of Corrections?

Economic Bill of Rights to end poverty. Job Guarantee for the unemployed. Guaranteed Income above poverty. Affordable Housing. Medicare for All. Free Public Education through College and Trade School. A Secure Retirement for every senior by doubling Social Security payments

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Disability Rights Oregon

“3 Things I will do if I win”

Climate Action
Economic Justice

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Green Party of Colorado

Please tell us about yourself and about your experience organizing in the Green Party

I am a retired Teamster living in Syracuse, New York. I have been active in movements for civil rights, peace, labor, and the environment since the 1960s growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Repelled by the racism in both major parties, I was asking in 1964, “Where is my party?” I became committed then to independent working-class politics for a democratic, socialist, and ecological society.

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Green Party of Utah

What role do you see the Presidential Campaign playing in the larger picture of the Green Party of the US?

If the Green Party is to become a major party and force in American politics, we have to build it from the bottom up. We should be electing thousands of Greens to local, state, and then congressional office as we go into the 2020s. The Green Party presidential campaign can help lay the basis for this growth by:

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Green Party: Black Caucus

Why are you running for office?

Our campaign has two major goals:

Goal 1: Build the Green Party
Goal 2: Move the National Policy Debate Toward Green Solutions

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Green Party: Latinx Caucus

How Long have you been a registered Green?

I have been a member of the Greens since I participated in the first national Green organizing meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota, in August 1984. I have been a registered Green in New York since 1999 when the Green Party first qualified to have enrolled Greens in New York.

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Green Party: Lavender Caucus

Despite the 35% reduction in people without medical insurance (as of March 2015), due to the Affordable Care Act, those in the LGBTQIA community are still less likely than those in the general population to have medical insurance (and even those with medical insurance are less likely to have full access to healthcare such as psychological care, hormonal treatment, and surgical needs of the T* community.) How do you propose to address this discrepancy?

I support an expanded and improved Medicare for All universal healthcare system provided by a single public payer. The program would prohibit discrimination based on age, ability, gender or gender identification, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, political or other opinion, social origin, property, birth, or other status.

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Green Party: Presidential Campaign Support Committee

UNIFYING THE PARTY. The GPUS is a diverse party with chapters in urban, suburban and rural communities. It includes native Americans, immigrants, black Americans, and white Americans of many different economic levels. It includes GLBTQ people, straight people, unemployed people, retired people, professionals, union members, business owners and people from many walks of life. What is the vision by which you could be the nominee who receives support from all the diverse members of the Green Party? [120 words max]

The vision of an ecosocialist Green New Deal speaks to the needs of the immense majority of Greens and Americans who need economic security, climate protection, and peace, and a reparations program to heal the injuries of slavery, segregation, and discrimination to our nation.

H20 embodies this vision in its diversity. The candidate is part of a collective campaign leadership that includes Black, Latinx, working class, youth, peace, and environmental leaders who came together to draft Howie Hawkins to run and collaboratively crafted the campaign plan.

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Green Party: Women’s Caucus

Do you support the Women’s Rights plank of the National Green Party Platform?

Yes, I support the policies and spirit of the Women’s Rights plank with one exception regarding sex work.

The plank currently supports the Swedish model regarding sex work, which criminalizes the purchaser of sex but not the recipient of payment for sex. In practice, this approach makes the sex worker also subject to surveillance and harassment by law enforcement.

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Illinois Family Institute

Do you support or oppose the following:

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Solidarity Economy Institute

Question 1: Do you support policies that would promote and strengthen the development of worker co-ops (e.g. favorable tax, procurement policies, investment/loan funds, training, research)?

Yes. I helped organize and worked in a worker cooperative in the late 1970s and early 1980s that specialized in energy audits and retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency and solar and wind energy. In over two decades in the construction industry, being a member of a worker cooperative was far better than being exploited and underpaid working for other contractors and being overworked doing my own contracting. I the worker co-op we shared the physical and administrative work and received our full and fair share of the net income the co-op generated.

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Tampa Bay Democratic Socialists of America

Do you believe humans affect climate change? If so, what would you do to combat climate change?

I have been convinced that human burning of fossil fuels was heating the planet to a dangerous degree since 1968 when I came across Murray Bookchin’s description of that science and warning in his 1964 pamphlet, “Ecology and Revolutionary Thought.” I have been active in the safe energy movement ever since, from being one of the co-founders of the anti-nuclear Clamshell Alliance in 1976 to being the first candidate in the US to call for a Green New Deal while campaigning for New York governor in 2010.

As president on Day One, I would declare declare a Climate Emergency, which will give the president extra powers to act rapidly and decisively to confront the climate crisis.

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Voter’s Edge

What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages to secure affordable health care?

I support a community-controlled National Health Service that treats health care as a human right and a public good. It will cover all medically necessary services with no out-of-pocket costs, including doctor, hospital, preventive, long-term care, mental health, reproductive health care, dental, vision, prescription drug, and medical supply costs

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Howie Hawkins 2020

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