7/12/19: Nader Calls for Warren-Sanders Ticket

“Still, Mr. Nader is offering no guarantees that he’ll vote for such a ticket, saying that his vote is private and also lauding New York’s Howie Hawkins, a Green candidate for 2020. Mr. Hawkins could have his work cut out for him, and not just because of the...

6/4/19: Howie Hawkins is running again — this time, for president

“Working class people are going to say, ‘I don’t like either one of them, I’m going to stay home,’” Mr. Hawkins said. “We’re reaching for poor people, young people, people of color who don’t vote as much … we’re not going to spoil it, we’re going to improve it.”...

5/28/19: Howie Hawkins Enters 2020 Presidential Campaign

“Hawkins says the Greens are the original Green New Dealers and while AOC and the Sunrise Movement succeeded in putting the Green New Deal in the spotlight, they watered down the content of the deal.” Link: https://www.wbai.org/articles.php?article=3739...

Howie Hawkins 2020

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