Progressive Party Hong 6/10/23: Daehan News: Hee-jin-Ha and Howie Hawkins, 2020 presidential candidate of the US Green Party, to join a rally against the discharge of contaminated water

Reporter Kim Jong-pil
June 10, 2023
ⓒ Daehan News
Hong Hee-jin, representative of the Youth Progressive Party, attended the Global Greens Congress held at Songdo Convensia on June 10th and delivered a congratulatory message.

After attending the party member convention, she also had a conversation with Howie Hawkins of the US Green Party (candidate for the 2020 US presidential election), who attended the World Green Party General Assembly.

Hawkins expressed support for the Progressive Party’s action to stop the discharge of contaminated water in Japan, saying, “Those who support the discharge of contaminated water in Japan are insane” and “In New York, we are fighting against dumping contaminated water from nuclear power plants into the river.”

Representative Hong Hee-jin introduced the Progressive Party as “a political party that takes the lead in responding to the climate crisis and for peace on the Korean Peninsula.” Hawkins decided to attend Monday’s demonstration against the Fukushima radioactive wastewater dumping, saying, “It is a rule to always go out on the street.”

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June 10, 2023