Not really up for voting?

I get it.

Slim-pickings on the menu, again.

I’m tired of the duopoly hogging the stage.

Right now, there is one candidate supporting Medicare for All.

There is one candidate who wants everyone to qualify for COVID relief, and a $15/hour federal minimum wage.

I urge people to consider putting their vote towards Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker of the Green party.

Counting just 5 percent of the national vote toward a third party will give it funding for the next presidential election.

When there are three parties running, 35 percent takes the win.

I believe in a world where we can show our children that are coming of age that we have candidates that are eloquent, not predatory.

How about working towards a community that doesn’t just work together to intimidate, or harass, travelers?

If you’re not planning on voting, please consider helping out a third-party candidate instead.

Cloud Huxley

Port Angeles