The following is an excerpt:

Georgia Ballot Access: The number of signatures required for a third party or independent candidate in Georgia for the 2020 general election was lowered by a recent court order.

In the case of Cooper vs. Raffensperger, the plaintiff argued due to the ongoing health crisis in the state (and the country) the ability to collect signatures in public was severely limited.

The Secretary of State’s office did not object to lowering the requirement but contended it did not have the right to lower the amount.

The decision has lowered the required number of signatures needed to get on the ballot for races from president to congress. The Georgia Green Party has started collecting the needed 5,250 signatures for presidential candidate Howie Hawkins of New York.

It will still be a tough battle in the current environment. Georgia has some of the toughest ballot access laws in the country. Other states typically have numerous candidates for president on their general election ballot.