6/23/20: ‘We need economic justice’: Green Party presidential candidate pitches platform – Washington Examiner

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The presidential candidate for the Green Party is hoping to win over disenfranchised Democrats unhappy with the party’s nominee.

Speaking with Hill.TV’s Rising on Tuesday, candidate Howie Hawkins decried a lack of legislative action by Democrats when they occupied the Oval Office and two houses of Congress.

“The Democrats have had a president with both houses of Congress, and they’ve secured none of these rights,” Hawkins said. “We need economic justice.”

Hawkins’s platform includes a call for a 75% reduction in military funding and Medicare For All. Hawkins told Rising host Krystal Ball that progressives voting for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden were disowning themselves politically.

“You vote for Biden, you basically disappeared yourself politically,” Hawkins argued.

Hawkins, who represented the Green Party in the 2018 New York gubernatorial race, said the upcoming presidential election is a “life-or-death” issue, noting the declining life expectancy among working-class voters.

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June 23, 2020

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