6/20/20: The Green Party is set to nominate Howie Hawkins – POLITICO

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The following is an excerpt:

Now, with the Green Party set to elevate its presumptive nominee — Howie Hawkins, a longtime labor activist keen on attracting disillusioned Bernie Sanders voters and calling for a “#DemExit” — many Democrats are unfazed. Not to worry, they say: Trump will be a sufficiently mobilizing force for Democrats this time around.

A self-identifying democratic socialist who’s been campaigning on a “Green New Deal” since 2010, Hawkins believes he’s ideally suited to pick up Sanders voters. “The main message is: if you were with Bernie for Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, then we’re the ticket for those things,” he said. “Don’t waste your vote on what you don’t want.”

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June 21, 2020

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