5/14/20: The Trailer: Biden invites the left in – The Washington Post

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The Republican National Committee called Biden a “bannerman for the socialist agenda,” thanks to the role he found for Ocasio-Cortez. After dispatching her wing of the party, complicating a Republican plan to use her against down-ballot Democrats, Biden had given Ocasio-Cortez an official campaign role.

Biden did so at a time when he led the president in an average of polls and ran behind recent Democratic nominees only with young voters and some nonwhite voters: the people these issue groups are designed to bring back in, some of whom voted for third parties in 2016. Howie Hawkins, the favorite to win the Green Party’s presidential nomination, said that the Biden campaign was a natural outgrowth of what happened to the “Green New Deal” itself — from a specific effort to remake the economy and end the use of fossil fuels to a pleasant-sounding brand name.

“Look at the Sanders campaign and all the effort they put into getting changes to the Democratic platform in 2016,” Hawkins said, arguing that leftists would not actually get anything from Biden.

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May 16, 2020

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