3/26/20: Coronavirus may keep 3rd-party presidential candidates off the ballot

“Hawkins said he’s no spoiler and called the coronavirus “Trump’s Katrina,” before adding that the November election is the Democrats to lose.

“They have the megaphone,” he said, emphasizing that his campaign is most focused on reaching alienated working-class and minority voters who have largely disengaged from politics.

He implored potential voters who agree with his left-wing platform to vote for it, batting away suggestions that his candidacy could lead to a Trump victory.

“The idea is to build the Green Party from the bottom up,” Hawkins said. “If you’re a progressive or a socialist and you vote for Joe Biden, they don’t know whether you’re a Sanders socialist or a Biden centrist. … You get lost in the sauce and the left disappears.”

Link: https://sports.yahoo.com/coronavirus-may-keep-thirdparty-presidential-candidates-off-the-ballot-come-november-002810766.html

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March 29, 2020

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