12/23/18: From the Bottom Up: The Case for an Independent Left Party


To avoid the political cul-de-sac of choosing between a greater and lesser evil, the Left must commit itself to build an independent, membership-based working-class party. Such a third-party insurgency in the United States must be built from the bottom up in two complementary ways. First, it must organize the working-class majority at the bottom of the social structure into a political party that speaks and acts independently for itself. Second, it must mobilize that base to participate in social movement and electoral activities to win and consolidate power and reforms first in cities then states, and finally in the nation.

Link: https://popularresistance.org/from-the-bottom-up-the-case-for-an-independent-left-party/

Popular Resistance, originally published at International Socialist Review


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December 23, 2015

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