11/02/20: After traveling the country running for president, Howie Hawkins will spend election night in Syracuse – WSYR

The following is an excerpt:

Hawkins is running to grow the Green Party, working to make sure he gets enough votes to meet the requirement to keep his party on state ballots in future elections.

Democrats worry Hawkins’ loss will help them lose too. Four years ago, had Green Party Candidate Jill Stein’s voters went with Hillary Clinton instead in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Donald Trump would not have won the presidency.

But answering the question he gets from just about everybody, Hawkins doesn’t think he’s a spoiler candidate. He says if he wasn’t on the ballot, his voters wouldn’t even show up.

Hawkins says the Green Party is the place where people go when they’re dissatisfied with both Republicans and Democrats, which he says overly focus on corporate special interests over the middle class.

Because Hawkins and other third-party candidates were left of the presidential debates, Hawkins used the green screen in his office so his campaign could superimpose him into it.

He’s spent the latter half of the year traveling the country, renting cars to get to his supporters and staying overnight in their homes.

But he’ll be back home, in Syracuse, when the results start to come in on Tuesday.


Link: https://www.localsyr.com/news/your-local-election-hq/after-traveling-the-county-running-for-president-howie-hawkins-will-spend-election-night-in-syracuse/



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November 2, 2020

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