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Carolyn Long has chosen the wrong platform. We are in the midst of the most important election of our lifetimes. However, both parties have failed to deliver what the people want. The best choice was never Republican or Democrat, but the Green Party. Howie Hawkins has been fighting for ideas such as Medicare for All and Green New Deal before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Joe Biden states that if he wins he’ll veto a Medicare for All during a pandemic.

This debate reached the local Third Congressional District race. Carolyn Long, the candidate endorsed by Biden, clarified during the debates last week that she is also against Medicare for All and would rather expand the Affordable Care Act while keeping private insurance. Jaime Herrera Beutler has voted for cuts to the Affordable Care Act. Beutler also pointed out during the debate that Long supports Medicare for All. Even though Long never supported this and made it clear that he took a more conservative route when it comes to healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act was started by Mitt Romney, a Republican. It is almost like Democrats spent the last 30 years to build a platform just to become Republicans.

Yes, Carolyn Long will fight to get money out of politics. Yes, Carolyn Long accepts no Corporate PAC money. So far, Joe Biden and Carolyn Long’s platforms are better than my opponent and that’s it.

If Long does get in office, I will try my best to convince Long to add Medicare for All, Green New Deal, and a $15 minimum wage under her Pandemic Response Plan or I will endorse a candidate to replace Long in 2022 that will fight for working people.

If someone tells you that our politics are a two party system, they are either too afraid to admit it or part of the establishment or want to be a part of the establishment.

Jim Decker
Battle Ground


Link: http://www.thereflector.com/opinion/article_05364d9e-1b08-11eb-9ab9-671ca21eff02.html

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October 30, 2020

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