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The following is an excerpt:

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black,” said Joe Biden, in May, 2020. During the same interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Joe Biden also reiterated his full support and defense of the 1994 crime bill, which he designed, and which destroyed Black communities and Black families and stifled the wealth of African Americans for generations. I am a 66-year-old African American woman and for me, Joe Biden is not “Uncle Joe” and his racist comments are not gaffes.

I will not allow Joe Biden or the Democratic Party establishment to use me for their political agendas. I will reject corporate media propaganda and use my God-given brain to make life decisions. I will only support political candidates who have earned my vote. Joe has not. How dare Joe Biden question my blackness or the blackness of millions of Americans who reject his sense of entitlement to our votes!

Joe Biden had a dying campaign during the first four democratic primaries. Kamala Harris was so unpopular that she ended her presidential run before a vote was cast. Then came the interference from democratic party elites. If they want to remove Donald Trump so badly, it is now their responsibility to do so, not mine. No longer do we hear much about Medicare for all, free public college, forgiveness of student debt, etc., except from the Green Party of the United States.

I will cast my vote for Howie Hawkins for president and Angela Walker for vice president, candidates who wish to provide a viable future for our young people. I will vote for Steven Greenfield, Green Party candidate for Congress because Antonio Delgado has voted on the wrong side of most issues, in my opinion. Antonio Delgado does not deserve my vote simply because he is a member of the Democratic Party.

Lisa Jobson
Lake Hill


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October 29, 2020

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