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To the Editor:

Do you believe that your vote doesn’t matter? Your vote doesn’t matter to the Democrats. Here’s an example. The Green Party spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours gathering tens of thousands of signatures to gain ballot access in Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin. Then the Democrats,  with their well-financed lawyers, took the Greens to court to have ballot access denied over technicalities.

The Republicans believe your vote doesn’t matter. They install glitchy voting machines like in Georgia that result in long lines and legal challenges. Paul Weyrich, a Heritage Foundation co-founder, stated over 30 years ago, “I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people …. As a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

The Greens believe your vote matters, so they support policies that the majority of Americans support. Greens believe your health matters with support for universal healthcare. They believe your finances matter with support for a $15 minimum wage. They believe your environment matters with support of the Green New Deal. [H]e Greens believe Black Lives Matter with support for community control of the police.

Make your vote matter. Help the Greens maintain ballot access in North Carolina. Help the Greens get 2 percent of the vote in our state. Protect your right to vote third party. Protect ballot access for the Greens. You deserve more choices than Democrat or Republican.

Vote Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for President and Vice President. Your vote does matter!

Donna Boxman



Link: https://www.smokymountainnews.com/opinion/item/30141-greens-think-your-vote-does-matter

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October 28, 2020

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