10/21/20: Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins eager to campaign with Maine senate Lisa Savage – WGME / CBS13

PORTLAND (WGME) — CBS13 caught up with independent green presidential candidate Howie Hawkins Wednesday afternoon.

Hawkins and his running mate, Angela Walker, are on the ballot in 30 states, which represents about 73 percent of voters.

They would have to be a write-in candidate in the remaining states.

Hawkins, an environmental activist in New York, said he’s eager to campaign with Maine independent green senate candidate Lisa Savage. He’s also campaigning for the green new deal, which includes what he calls an economic bill of rights.

“We’re in a situation now of 45 years of stagnant wages for working class people and housing and healthcare and college costs going through the roof,” Hawkins said “Life expectancy for working class people has been declining … so we want a job guarantee. ”

Hawkins also supports Medicare for all, especially during the pandemic because many people are going untreated because they can’t afford it.


Link: https://wgme.com/news/local/presidential-candidate-howie-hawkins-eager-to-campaign-with-maine-senate-lisa-savage



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October 21, 2020

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