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The first, and perhaps only, presidential candidate debate for the 2020 general election has been called an embarrassment, a disgrace and a joke.

All three adjectives certainly apply.

Another adjective which would be appropriate would be “lacking,’ as in lacking substance.

Presidential debates have really become unnecessary, especially in their current form. That recent fiasco did nothing to change the mind of any voter. If you were a President Trump supporter going in then you remain one today. The same goes for those who support Joe Biden.

The post-debate reaction from supporters of the two candidates was certainly expected. President Trump supporters talked of how he handled Biden. On the flip side of the coin, supporters of the former vice-president were quick to point out how childish President Trump acted.

Of course, there were also complaints about moderator Chris Wallace. In reality, no moderator could have saved that bus from going off the side of a cliff.

If the example shown from that debate is the best that can be offered to American voters then we should never be exposed to another one. Both candidates showed why they are really unworthy of the highest elected office in our country.

So how do we make things better? The answer is a simple one yet you shouldn’t look for it to ever happen.

If other candidates were allowed to take part then the debate would not have deteriorated into such a mess. It’s very simple to determine which other candidates should be allowed on the debate stage. If a political party’s presidential nominee is on enough ballots to mathematically win the electoral college then he or should be allowed to participate. Simple. End of story.

Howie Hawkins of the Green Party would also quality under this simple inclusion formula. In fact, the Libertarian Party has pushed for the inclusion of the Green Party as well on the presidential debate stage.

What you have to remember, however, is that the commission on presidential debates is comprised of Republicans and Democrats and no one else. They don’t want Americans to have a chance to hear from an alternate choice.

They especially don’t want that to happen when we had to endure something like we saw this year.

The commission on presidential debates currently uses a rule that a candidate must receive at least 15 percent in various polls. Of course, the commission fails to mention that the polls in question do not include anyone other than the Republican and Democratic. So quite naturally the Libertarian and Green Party are going to poll at zero percent.

Americans deserve better but until they demand it, and realize they can have it, we will continue to have politics as usual from the establishment. That so-called presidential debate was a new low in a time when it’s easy to set the bar extremely low.


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October 15, 2020

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