Platform Summary

COVID-19 Emergency Measures for the Duration of the Crisis
  • Medicare to Pay for COVID-19 Testing and Treatment and All Emergency Health Care
  • Defense Production Act to Rapidly Plan the Production and Distribution of Medical Supplies and a Universal Test, Contact Trace, and Quarantine Program to Safely Reopen the Economy
  • An OSHA Temporary Standard to Provide Enforceable PPE Protection for Workers
  • $2,000 a Month to All Adults Over Age 16 and $500 per Child
  • Loans to All Businesses and Hospitals for Payroll and Fixed Overhead To Be Forgiven If All Workers Are Kept on Payroll
  • Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures, and Utility Shutoffs
  • Cancel Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Payments; Federal Government Pays Those Bills; High-income People Pay Taxes on this Relief
  • Suspend Student Loan Payments with 0% Interest Accumulation
  • Federal Universal Rent Control
  • Aid to State and Local Governments Sufficient to Keep Essential Services Running
  • A 10-Year, $42 Trillion Ecosocialist Green New Deal for Economic Recovery through a Just Transition to 100% Clean Energy by 2030
  • Universal Mail-in Ballots for the 2020 General Election
Ecosocialist Green New Deal
  • Public Ownership and Planning in Energy, Manufacturing, and Transportation
  • Zero-to-Negative Carbon Emissions by 2030
  • 100% Clean Energy by 2030
  • Ban Fracking and New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
  • No Nukes
  • Zero-Waste Manufacturing and Recycling
  • Electrified Rails: Freight, Inter-City High-Speed, and Intra-City Trolleys
  • Heat Pumps to Heat and Cool Buildings
  • Regenerative Organic Agriculture
  • Parity Pricing and Supply Management for All Agricultural Commodities
  • Civilian Conservation Corps for Forest, Wetland, and Habitat Restoration
Peace Policies
  • Pledge No First Use of Nuclear Weapons
  • Unilaterally Disarm to a Minimum Credible Deterrent
  • Negotiate with Nuclear Powers to Enact the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • End the Endless Wars—US Troops Home
  • Cut the Military Budget by 75%
  • Invest the Savings in a Global Green New Deal
  • Use Diplomacy and International Law to Promote Peace, Human Rights, and Democracy
Economic Bill of Rights
  • Job Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Minimum Income Above Poverty
  • $20 Minimum Wage
  • Affordable Housing for All through Universal Rent Control and Public Housing
  • Medicare for All—A Community-Controlled National Health Service
  • Lifelong Free Public Education—Pre-K through College
  • Secure Retirement—Double Social Security Benefits
Socialist Economy
  • Worker Cooperatives
  • Public Ownership of Big Banks and Industries
  • Public Monetary Authority
  • Democratic Economic Planning
  • Production for Use within Ecological Limits
Political Democracy
  • Ranked-Choice National Popular Vote for President
  • Proportional Representation in Congress
  • End Party Suppression—Fair Ballot Access
  • End Voter Suppression—Restore the Preclearance Provision to the Voting Rights Act
  • Right to Vote Constitutional Amendment
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Voting Rights for Felons
  • Auditable Paper Balloting
  • Full Public Campaign Finance
  • We The People Amendment to End the Corporate-Personhood and Money-Is-Speech Legal Doctrines
  • DC Statehood
Social Justice
  • Enforce Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Restore Affirmative Action to Provide Equal Opportunities
  • Student and Medical Debt Relief
  • Defend Abortion Rights
  • Equality Act
  • Equal Rights Amendment
  • Reparations for African-Americans
  • Honor Indian Treaty Rights
  • Rights for Farmworkers Under Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Close Migrant Detention Camps—Swift Family Reunification
  • Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants
  • Open Borders like within the European Union
Criminal and Civil Justice
  • Monitor and Prosecute White Racist Terrorists
  • Federal Investigations of Local Police Misconduct
  • Community Control of the Police
  • End Mass Incarceration—Treat Drug Abuse as a Health Problem, Not a Criminal Problem
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Decriminalize Personal Possession of Hard Drugs
  • Drug Treatment on Demand
  • Decriminalize Sex Work
  • Fight Corporate Crime
  • End Warrantless Mass Surveillance
  • Pardon Whistle Blowers and Political Prisoners
Media Democracy
  • Restore Net Neutrality
  • Anti-Trust Action Against Media Conglomerates and Social Media Platforms
  • Socialize Social Media and E-Commerce Monopolies
  • Diversify Private Media Ownership
  • Fund Independent Community-Based Public Media
Tax Justice
  • End Social Security Tax Cap on High Incomes
  • End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  • Cut Corporate Welfare
  • Financial Transactions Tax
  • Progressive Wealth Tax
  • Progressive Estate Tax
  • More Progressive Personal and Business Income Taxes
  • Land Value Tax

Howie Hawkins 2020

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