Be a Peace and Freedom Party Convention Delegate for Howie Hawkins

Howie Hawkins is seeking the California Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) nomination for president. While he will be on the California primary election ballot for the Peace and Freedom presidential nomination on March 3, 2020, the actual nomination will be made by a meeting of the PFP Convention in August 2020.

Howie needs convention delegates who support his candidacy.

To become a delegate to the PFP presidential nominating convention, you need to take out papers now for election to your county’s Central Committee. Every elected County Central Committee member is automatically a member of the State Central Committee and becomes an official delegate to PFP’s Presidential Nominating Convention in August 2020.

How to become a convention delegate

You must have been a registered Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) voter for at least 30 days (by Nov. 6) before you can file nomination papers to become a County Central Committee member. Then:

You will need to take out Declaration of Candidacy papers at your county Registrar of Voters. There is no fee to run for County Central Committee. The beginning date for doing this was September 27, 2019. The registrar will go over the whole process with you. You must complete everything by December 6, 2019.

You will need to get the signatures of a number of Peace and Freedom Party registrants. These people are not committing to vote for you, just helping you become a candidate. The number of valid signatures will vary with each county and/or district but will be 20 or fewer, and you can sign your own papers. To find out the number of seats available and signatures required in your county/district, and for help getting a list of PFP registrants who can sign your petition, contact Marsha Feinland at

These people must be registered Peace and Freedom Party voters in your district or county, but you can register new people with the party before they sign your papers. If you do this, please make a copy of their registration (and/or make a note of their registration form number) so that you can turn it in at the same time you submit your papers. New registrants may not be in the county’s system yet and may be
rejected, so show them the copy of the new registration.

If there are other PFP candidates for central committee in your area you can have up to three candidates on one signature petition. This simplifies signature gathering since each of you can get signatures for all three.

Make sure you have only registered PFP voters sign your papers. There is a limit of 40 signatures and if you have too many bad signatures you may not qualify.

Petition signers cannot sign for more candidates than there are seats in your district or county.

If you have more questions about being a candidate, or about the election process, contact your county’s Registrar of Voters or the Peace and Freedom Party at

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