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Hawkins to Hold News Conference Friday, Sept. 18 on Wall Street to Call for Stock Transfer Tax

Hawkins Will also hold fundraiser in the Bronx on Sept. 19 and Join the Sept. 20 March for Climate Justice through Racial Justice

When: 11 AM, Friday, September 18,

Where: New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wall Street, NYC, NY

What: Green Presidential Candidate to call for Stock Transfer Tax
Note: After the news conference Hawkins will speak at noon in front of City Hall, and will join the March for Climate and Racial Justice, Sunday, September 19, 1 PM, Columbus Circle Manhattan

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for President, will speak in favor of a federal Stock Transfer Tax in front of the New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wall Street, at 11 AM on Friday, September 18.

Hawkins, a three-time gubernatorial nominee for the Greens, has long advocated that New York stop rebating the century-old state stock transfer tax to Wall Street speculators and use the funds to invest in domestic needs, such as saving local governments, climate mitigation, workers, small businesses, school and hospitals. Hawkins will march over to City Hall at noon to speak about the state’s fiscal crisis, with Cuomo imposing a 20% cut in aid to local governments and schools. Hawkins will call on de Blasio to support the Stock Transfer Tax and urge Cuomo to do so too.

On Sunday at 1 PM at Columbus Circle in Manhattan, Hawkins will join the March for Climate and Racial Justice. In his 2010 Gubernatorial run, Hawkins called for a Green New Deal that combined a rapid (10-year) transition to zero carbon emissions with an economic bill of rights focused on guaranteed living wage jobs, Medicare for All, housing, and education. Hawkins for decades has advocated for an overhaul of the criminal justice system, starting with community control of the police. He has also advocated for reparations for slavery and to target climate funds to communities of local and low-income neighborhoods.

On Saturday night Hawkins will hold a socially-distanced, backyard fundraiser in the Bronx.


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