Donate now, and your donation will be doubled! With the government’s matching funds program, your donations to my exploratory campaign will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $250 per individual, once we qualify for the program. That means you donate $50, we receive $100; you max out at $250, we receive $500.

If we decide to run, our goal is to qualify for the matching funds program by this fall, sooner than any other Green Party presidential campaign, so that your dollars are doubled sooner, all the way through 2019 and into late summer 2020 when the Green nominating convention is held.

The best part is, once we qualify for matching funds, all donations to our campaign made during the entire primary season will be matched (max $250 per person) up till the Green nominating convention.

With funds of that magnitude coming in, we can hire more staff and travel around the country; build a formidable ground game to achieve Green ballot access in all 50+1 states; plan organizing workshops; and grow the Green Party nationwide to spread our vision of ecosocialism and a real, ecosocialist Green New Deal.

But first: We have to qualify for matching funds by raising $5,000 in each of 20 states. The Stein campaign didn’t achieve that till early 2016. We’re going to achieve it this fall. And we need you to chip in to get us there. If you’ve been planning to donate to us, I should let you know it’s best to donate the max amount you can now rather than wait—the sooner we qualify for matching funds, the sooner $double money$ starts rolling in and the sooner we can expand our staff and our ground game. So please consider giving what you can today. If you can dig deep and max out today at $250, please do rather than donating over time. (Though your donation will be matched only up to your first $250, an individual may donate up to $2,800 during the primary.)



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