Write a Letter to the Editor! 


Help Howie and Angela by spreading our campaign’s message

Letters to the editor and opinion pieces in newspapers, magazines and other media can effectively share the message of the Hawkins/Walker campaign.

Every letter to the editor can reach thousands of voters with our message.

Tips for writing an effective letter to the editor:

  • Frame your letter around current events, especially if it’s written in response to local news or a recent article.
  • Try to win over the audience by using reason and offering positive solutions to contrast criticism
  • Keep your letter brief and focused on one argument / issue.
  • Follow the guidelines and word count limits. Op-eds are longer, letters to the editor are shorter (up to 250 words is typical for local papers, but many larger papers are limited to 100-150 words).

** Don’t forget to fact check and edit for spelling and grammar **

Click here for a sample Letter to the Editor.

Talking points for letters to the editor:

To help convey why you’re voting for Hawkins/Walker, review the reasons why Howie is running for President in addition to the key issues of the campaign. 

Key Issues:

Additional Points:

  • The campaign’s platform is what the working class deserves
  • The campaign is building the Green Party in all 50 states plus D.C.

After you submit your letter, please contact us when your letter is published by providing the link to the article at mobilize@howiehawkins.us

Howie Hawkins 2020

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