How to vote for

Howie Hawkins

in Missouri

Why voting for Howie Hawkins matters

I am asking for your vote in the Green Party presidential primary in Missouri.

My campaign is running a 50-state national campaign with two basic goals:

1. Build the Green Party

  • Ballot qualification in all 50 states & DC
  • Qualify for federal matching funds
  • Train local Green organizers
  • Help down-ticket Green candidates
  • Expand the Green Party among the working class, youth, and people of color

2. Put Green Demands into the National Debate, including:

  • The Green Party’s full-strength Green New Deal to avert climate disaster
  • An Economic Bill of Rights to end poverty and economic injustice
    • A Job Guarantee
    • A Guaranteed Income Above Poverty
    • Affordable Housing through universal rent control and a radical expansion of public housing
      Medicare for All through a community-based National Health Service
    • Lifelong Free Public Education from child care and pre-K through college, technical school, and adult continuing education
    • A Secure Retirement through doubling Social Security benefits and reforming pension laws
  • US troops home, a 75% military spending cut, and nuclear disarmament initiatives
  • Reparations for African Americans
  • Proportional representation in Congress
  • Presidential elections by a national popular vote using ranked-choice voting

It is even more important that you vote in the Green primary because of the recent surge in support for the Bernie Sanders campaign. I am encouraged by that support because it shows that the mass base for many of the progressive reforms that the Green Party advocates is there.

Of the issues I just highlighted, Sanders goes part of the way on the Green New Deal and the Economic Bill of Rights, much further than any other Democratic candidate. But he doesn’t support the last four items in that list. That is one important reason is why we need a strong Green presidential campaign that can force these demands into the national debate.

Beyond the policies we are advocating, the Green Party is building a bottom-up political party for the long haul. Sanders is just building a top-down campaign organization for this election.

Moreover, Sanders’ “socialism” is really old-fashioned liberalism. It relies on taxing the capitalists to fund social programs instead of taking power from them. The capitalists’ concentrated economic power will still translate into concentrated political power that will resist and roll back the social programs. The blind growth dynamic structured into capitalism’s competitive drive for profits will continue to devour the natural resources and ecosystems that sustain us.

I am campaigning for an ecosocialist economic democracy based on social ownership and democratic administration of the major means of production. That starts with the renewable energy, electrified rail, and clean manufacturing sectors that we need to carry through the Green New Deal as a 10-year crash program for zero greenhouse gas emissions and 100% clean energy by 2030. Socialist economic democracy is how we put the people in power to meet everyone’s basic needs within ecological limits.

If Sanders is denied the Democratic nomination, many of his supporters will turn to the Green alternative and vote Green in November. If Sanders wins the nomination and then the presidency, the first obstacle to reforms he and we support will be the corporate Democrats, before we even get to the Republicans.

The movement for these reforms will be stronger the stronger the Green Party is. A growing Green Party challenging corporate Democrats in elections will prevent the corporate Democrats from taking progressive votes for granted. They will have to move our way on the issues in order to appeal to progressive voters or lose their seats to Greens.

Strengthening the Green Party starts in Missouri this week with getting out the vote for the Green Presidential Preference Primary.



How to vote for Howie Hawkins in Missouri

This is the first-ever Presidential Preference Primary held by the Green Party of Missouri.  This is a major milestone in the development of the party, and we’re glad you’re interested in participating.

Anyone can vote in the Green Party Presidential Preference Primary simply by asking for the Green Party ballot.  It will look something like the image to the right.

  •  Click here to ensure your registration is correct and to find your polling place
  • In Missouri you must show acceptable ID to vote.  Click here to see some examples.
  • Polls are open on Tuesday, March 10 from 6 am to 7 pm.  As long as you’re in line by 7 pm, you can vote!
  • For more information, visit Missouri’s “How to Vote” page.  Click here.



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