How to vote for Howie Hawkins in the California primaries

Early voting began on February 3. Voting ends on primary election day, March 3.

  • To find out where you can vote early, click here.

Howie is on the ballot for both the Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party. You must be registered no later than February 18, 2020 to vote for Howie.  If you mail in your registration change, it must be postmarked by February 18.

Note: You can also conditionally register and vote on Election Day at your county elections office.  Click here for a list of those offices.

  • To check, update or change your voter registration online, click here.

Same-day voter registration is possible on Primary Election Day, on Tuesday, March 3.  Contact your county elections office to find out more information.  Click here for a list of county elections offices.

Vote by Mail

To request your ballot by mail, you must fill out a form and sign it and mail it to your county elections office.  It must be RECEIVED by your county elections office no later than February 25, 2020.

  • Click here to download the vote-by-mail application to print, sign and mail.
  • Click here to find out where to mail your vote-by-mail application.
  • Click here to find out where you can drop off your vote-by-mail ballot.

Have questions?

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