We need your help to get on the ballot in georgia!

In order for the Georgia Green Party to get its presidential slate on the ballot in 2020, the Georgia Green Party must collect 7,500 valid signatures by July 14, 2020. This task becomes extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, with the COVID-19 public health crisis and as such the Georgia Green Party is requesting relief from petitioning requirements. 

We are presently seeking individuals who would sign a legal declaration, to be provided at a later date, stating that were there no public health crisis, they would COLLECT signatures on behalf of the GAGP and its candidates. The purpose of this affidavit will be to show in court, if necessary, that there was a group of individuals ready to hit the streets and actively petition in 2020, but who cannot do so presently because of the public health crisis.

In order to collect petitions in Georgia you must meet the following requirements:

1) Must be 18 years old.

2) Must be a US Citizen. You do NOT need to be an Georgia resident or registered voter.

If you would have collected petitions in Georgia to get the Green Party on the ballot, fill out this form so that our lawyers can be in contact with you and get you the proper paperwork so that your voice can be part of our fight for democracy and voter choice!


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