As I have reported here twice before, wage theft by employers in New York like Donald Trump is protected by the Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo. Wage theft costs New York workers $1 billion a year.

Workers often win their wage theft cases in court, but have hard time collecting their back pay because the businesses sued often hide their assets by going out of business and then re-opening under a new name to resume stealing workers’ wages.

We have been campaigning for years for The Securing Wages Against Theft, or SWEAT Act, which would remedy the hidden assets problem by enabling workers to apply a court-ordered lien at the onset of litigation to immediately freeze the owners’ assets instead of waiting for the court to award a judgment after the employer has maneuvered to hide their assets.

Finally, last June, the New York legislature passed the SWEAT Act. But Cuomo waited until the last minute to veto the SWEAT Act on New Year’s Eve.

So on Monday we were back on the streets from New York City to Buffalo calling for the legislature to pass the SWEAT Act again and for Cuomo to sign the bill this time, or resign in shame.

I spoke at the Binghamton demonstration. I said we need to clean house in the government because whether it’s the Democrat Cuomo or the Republican Trump, employers who steal wages are protected by both corporate-funded parties. Here’s a local news story on what I said.

Here is a 1-minute video from the New York City demonstration outside Cuomo’s principal office. The speaker at the end telling off Cuomo is Ed Figueroa, a Green Party member and supporter of my presidential campaign.

Howie Hawkins 2020

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