On April 12, 2020, DSA posted on their official Twitter and Facebook accounts that they are not endorsing Joe Biden. We have an idea why:  Biden’s neoliberal track record is not what any democratic socialist should support.

Now that Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, it’s time to look at another campaign for president that is calling for what democratic socialists support: Medicare for All, an Economic Bill of Rights, an end to endless wars and regime change, and an Ecosocialist Green New Deal.

Isn’t it time to support Howie Hawkins, the Socialist Party USA nominee and the front-runner for the Green Party nomination? Please sign your name below, and let’s tell DSA national that it’s time to support a candidate that checks all the democratic socialist boxes: Howie Hawkins.

As a DSA member, I call on the Democratic Socialists of America to endorse Howie Hawkins for President in 2020.

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Howie Hawkins 2020

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