Beginning in the summer of 2019 volunteers with the Green Party of Ohio began collecting petition signatures for statewide ballot access. They needed 44,300 valid signatures by July 1st, 2020. Early this year they already had over 5,000 signatures in hand, and were working towards their end goal.

Then in March COVID put a halt to all petitioning efforts. The Governor and Ohio State Legislature failed to provide relief from petitioning requirements. Unable to collect, July 1st came and went, and the Green Party of Ohio was not placed on the ballot. The battle was taken to the courts where we demanded relief from unsafe and undemocratic petitioning requirements, and we were denied.

Now volunteers must collect 5,000 valid petition signatures by August 5th to put Howie and Angela on the ballot as independents. This means we likely need to collect up to 8,000 to survive challenges and invalidated signatures.



Howie Hawkins 2020

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