Petitioning for ballot access can begin now in New Hampshire! For statewide party ballot access we would have to collect 17,209 valid petition signatures by August 5th, 2020. Due to the unusually high signature requirement, organizers are instead focusing on collecting signatures for the independent candidate petition. While the indy petition would not grant statewide ballot access for all Green Party candidates, it would at least assure our presidential nominee a place on the ballot in November. The independent petition requires 3,000 valid signatures by August 5th, 2020. This means we will actually need to collect close to 6,000 raw signatures. New Hampshire is one of only six states without an accredited state Green Party chapter. This means we need your help petitioning, phonebanking, and otherwise helping to organize the Green Party of New Hampshire. Contact one of our coordinators today or sign-up to volunteer to find out how you can help!


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Howie Hawkins 2020

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