The ballot access situation has been ever changing in Maryland, and we still need your help! Initially we were expecting to have to collect 10,000 valid signatures by August 3rd, 2020 to obtain a statewide ballot line. This would not only put Howie and Angela on the ballot, but down ticket candidates in the state as well. The Green Party of Maryland was well prepared, and began collecting early. By March of this year they had already collected 5,000 raw signatures. Then in March COVID completely put a halt to all petitioning efforts in the state.

In response  the Green Party of Maryland took to the courts to seek relief. They were successfully able to argue for both a significant reduction in the number of required signatures, as well as electronic signature collection. As a result they now need to collect only 5,000 valid signatures, and can utilize electronic collection.

Of the 5,000 already in hand, not all will be valid. So the Green Party of Maryland seeks to collect up to another 1,000 signatures to protect from any potential challenges or invalidated signatures.

Please sign today to help put us over the top!

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