Angela Walker, candidate for Green Party nomination for Vice President

My name is Angela Walker, and I am pleased to have been asked by Howie Hawkins to be his running mate for the Green Party Presidential Campaign, 2020. At this very pivotal time in our history, all of the inequalities of the capitalist system of this country have been brutally exposed. We need sustainable solutions that are able to be implemented now, through the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Howie’s platform addresses the changes that need to be made, from paying a monthly income to all adults and children to calling a moratorium on utility shutoffs, evictions and foreclosures. Those are measures that would provide needed relief to so many at a time of financial instability and uncertainty. Going forward, Howie proposes a living wage for all workers, Medicare For All as a community-controlled national health service, and an Ecosocialist Green New Deal that would rebuild and strengthen the infrastructure of this country while supporting the welfare of workers and our planet.

In my own life, I’ve supported programs and infrastructure that are good for both people and the Earth. I’ve fought against the privatization of public schools, for the expansion of public transit access and funding, and against state violence against Black and Brown people. I oppose factory farming of animals for both ethical and environmental reasons. It is my deep feeling that the exploitation and mistreatment of human beings and animals is inseparable from the exploitation and misuse of the Earth. In order to properly address human and animal rights, we must end the systems that harm our shared planet.

I am a passionate believer in what people can do to create a just and thriving world, one that honors the needs of human beings and the Earth. We have always known and are seeing in unbearable detail that these things will not and cannot happen under a capitalist system. In this time of rising grief, anger and mistrust, we need a way forward that is completely doable and will benefit those who need help the most. People also need to be reminded of how powerful they really are, and that the failed capitalist system that is responsible for their suffering is not something they have to continue to endure. I firmly believe in Howie Hawkins’ platform, I believe in the power of people who have finally had enough of the status quo, I believe that the Green Party is positioned to bring this message to millions of Americans. I am honored to be running with Howie to bring about necessary change.

In Solidarity and Faith,

Howie Hawkins 2020

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