In 2016, 43% of eligible voters did not vote. This bloc of voters is the largest group of voters in every election.  We don’t buy the claim that non-voters are apathetic. They are alienated and don’t believe that the capitalist parties offer real solutions to the life and death issues working people face every day.

If the Green Party is going to become a major party, it will have to enlist voters who are among the working class, youth, and people of color who don’t vote now because they are alienated from the political process. The Green platform speaks to their needs. Now Greens have to learn how to organize in these communities and engage them as Green Party supporters and activists.

It’s a challenge that our campaign is taking up, because the working class deserves our best efforts to build a political movement that finally represents their interests.

So, were you a non-voter in 2016?  Tell us your story and why you are supporting Hawkins/Walker in 2020?

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