I wish I had the opportunity during this show to answer the host’s last question: What happens if the DNC denies the nomination to Bernie Sanders again?

I would have answered that a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters will come to the Green Party.

The Democratic National Committee is already changing its rules to stop Sanders. They just packed nobody but corporate Democrats into credentials, rules, and platform committees of the Democratic presidential nomination convention.

They just changed their debate qualification rules so billionaire Michael Bloomberg gets to buy his way into the February debate after giving $800,000 to the Democratic National Committee and 44 state Democratic Party committees.

Now there are reports that anti-Sanders DNC members are floating the idea of changing the convention rules so superdelegates can vote in the first round of nomination voting after all.

Greens need to be preparing now incorporate a flood of DemExiters into our state and local Green Party organizations and campaigns if the Democratic establishment bends its rules to deny Sanders their nomination.

Howie Hawkins 2020

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